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From My Balcony: d’Août à Janvier

I am fairly certain the only reason I pay as much as I do in rent is because I have a balcony. From my personal terrace I can see all the way to Sacré-Cœur, and at night I can watch the lights dance on the facade of the Tour de Montparnasse. In the summer and fall, I spent most of my at-home time sitting outside. Breakfast, dinner, guitar-playing, reading, spying on my neighbors, all took place on my balcony.

One would think this would get boring. The city doesn’t rearrange itself and the view doesn’t change. Yet from my little terrace, I watched the world transform, summer to autumn to winter.

Here are the past six months, from my balcony:

Août Sept OctobreNovDec Jan

I can’t wait to see what the next six months will bring…

“Show me a day when the world wasn’t new.” 

—Sister Barbara Harce




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Chez Moi: Before

Bienvenu chez moi! Welcome to my studio! I’m lucky enough to live in a comfortable little apartment in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, a beautiful neighborhood where you’ll find attractions like the Luxembourg Gardens, the Église Saint Sulpice and the Sorbonne. When I moved in, my goal was to turn my studio into a space I could love just as much as I love the surrounding neighborhood. Here’s a look at what my apartment looked like before I made it my own: 

Luckily my studio is tiny, so there wasn’t much space to decorate. But I was also limited by the renter’s curse: I can’t put holes in the walls, paint the walls, or move/remove anything. This forced me to be creative and frugal with my decorating. Here’s what I was hoping for as I set out upon my studio makeover adventure:

  1. Neutral bedding: I wanted bedding that would make a nice background for all of the other prints and patterns that would soon fill the apartment, namely my clothes and my scarves! (bedding: Target)
  2. Paper Lanterns: There is a shelf that hangs over my bed, and it is the perfect place for a garland of paper lanterns! (lanterns: Old Shanghai Online)
  3. Baskets: I don’t have a closet or a dresser, so I decided to use baskets to hold some of my clothes and my towels.
  4. Splashes of red: I love to decorate with red accessories to add warmth to a room. (bowl: Target; oven mit: Star Red Grill)
  5. Cute throw pillows: I know they’re useless, but I love decorative pillows! They add character to a space, and they are super fun! (pillow: Suzani)

And flowers! Replacing those wilted weeds in my flower box with beautiful summer blooms was priority number one!

How do you like to decorate? What do you do when you have limited decorating options?

Stay tuned for the “after” post!

Smiles and all the best,



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