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Photos of the Week: Soaking Summer

It’s been dreary here in Northern Arizona. For days it’s rained and rained, with few sunny interludes. What better to do on such days than read, looking up every now and then to marvel at the rain?

To pass the time, I bought a new book of poetry. Fugitive Colors by Chrystos. My favorite lines so far–

“Setting up my cook fire

in the breasts of strangers I call lovers

No blanket fits       no stone welcomes       I am

the path I want to follow”

– from I Walk Beside the Prints of Gulls

I read those lines over and over, listening to their vibrations as they resonated within my spirit. But that was yesterday. Today I awoke to sun,  blue skies, monsoon clouds rolling slowly over the horizon. I’d like to write some of my own poetry today, cherishing the bright warmth that streams through my window and onto my notebook.

 Expect a long post tomorrow, my untethered friends! I have a couple of things I’d like to share with you. Till then, I wish you a happy Monday!
Smiles and all the best,

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Photo of the Week: This Sister Thing

One of the most important events in my lifetime has been the birth of my little sister. Her coming into this world radically changed everything about my existence. I went from being a pampered only-child to being a neglected older sibling. Ok, I wasn’t neglected, but my 8-year-old self felt that way. Suddenly Mom was doting over this squirming, red, stinky thing that cried all day, every day, while I, the one, the only Savannah-poo was expected to fend for myself. This was surely the apocalypse.  My childhood was over.

Well, 12 years have passed since that fateful day when my sister came crashing into my life like an asteroid to wipe out my youth, and I’ve come to feel very differently about the whole ordeal (traumatic as it was)– My sister is the greatest blessing the universe could’ve bestowed upon me. She is the most important person in my life, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where time takes us. Sure, she’s a pest from time to time, but that only makes me love her more.

My sister’s birthday is only days away, and I’m sure I’l have a lot more to say when the big day arrives! Till then, here’s to another year of sisterly shenanigans, and many, many more to come!
I love ya, kiddo.
Smiles and all the best,
Do you have siblings? How have they impacted your life?


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