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One day in April…

Stroll with me through the Luxembourg Gardens, on a Sunday afternoon, in April.

The trees are blooming,

the bees are buzzing from blossom to blossom to leaf.

blossoms Jardin du Lux bee

Bracelets tied on branches to remind the careful eye of summer

waited the winter out and now they bounce in the breeze.

bracelet 2

Boats bobble in the pond,

sailing to the shores of children’s springtime dreams.

Les Bateauxbateaux 2

Le Printemps, est-ce qu’il arrive? 


I snapped these photos on Sunday. The sun was shining and the people of Paris had come out of their winter hiding places to soak up the warmth. There was a hesitation in the air, as if we all wanted to tear off our coats and brush our bare toes against the grass, but no one dared because we were afraid to declare it Spring too hastily.

We may have kept our coats on this time. But they’ll be off soon.

Smiles and all the best,



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Dans la forêt

Salut mes belles! I’m sorry things have been so quiet around the blog lately– I’m crazy busy! Like, über crazy, umlaut and all. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few minutes here and there to tell you about all of my adventuring!

Last weekend, one of my friends and I visited Fontainebleau, a town that is about 45 minutes outside of Paris. Fontainebleau is famous for two things: its castle and its forest. I am obviously more concerned with the latter.

Up until last weekend, I hadn’t left the city of Paris for about two months. That’s two months without seeing the horizon, without hearing the silence of nature, without touching the earth and getting dirt on my hands. Being an Arizona girl, living like this nearly drove me crazy. Last weekend, I decided I’d had enough. Luckily, the trip to Fontainebleau costs no more than eight euros, and it takes only 45 minutes, so I was able to make my escape without a hitch.

I couldn’t recommend a better day trip. La forêt de Fontainebleau is breathtaking, some sort of Jurassic Park-Chronicles of Narnia hybrid. It is full of ferns, pines, boulders and mushrooms. It is a prime rock climbing location, and it is perfect for hikers. The air is clean and moist. The trees whisper in the wind. The sticks and leaves crack beneath every prancing footstep.

And yes, that is what I did. I pranced all over this forest. It felt so liberating to get back to nature, to climb on rocks and throw pine cones through the trees. I may have transformed into a forest nymph.

Taking the time to get out of the city and reunite myself with nature has definitely rejuvenated my spirit. For the first time in weeks, I feel energetic and creative, and I’m definitely smiling more. I never realized how crucial my relationship with nature is, but now that I do I’ll be sure to pay more attention to it. I can’t let this concrete jungle devour me.

If you’d like to make your own trip to la forêt de Fontainebleau, here are some useful sites to help you plan your trip. The village of Fontainebleau is very charming, and the château is definitely worth seeing. Take a picnic or pick up some goodies from one of Fontainebleau’s boulangeries to snack on while you stroll through the town and explore the forest.

Happy prancing!

Smiles and all the best,



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The frog men sat criss-cross-apple-sauce around a campfire,

roasting oozing green smores on naked cattails.

Frog chief blew a bubble in his throat to call his wives,

and one by one they appeared,

eyes like floating tennis balls on black water,


Then the chief began to swell

until he rolled and wobbled on the putty shore.

The frog wives surrounded his vast bouncing body

and clenched their thighs before he took his final breath–

Like vultures they descended,

landing ravenous upon the chief,

vicious gums thrashing at his skin

tearing the webs that bound his feet–

and ate him whole.

The frog men could only stare

at the wives licking life’s syrup from smacking lips,

hopping back to the pond, turning to ripples as they dove…

Calm came for only a moment,

then the water filled with tadpoles,

blossoming like blood.


This post is only a draft. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below! Your input is appreciated!


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