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Photos of the Week: The First Monsoon

As the first monsoon of the season came rolling into my hometown, I felt as if the heavens were pouring happiness into my rain boots. When it rains in Arizona, you can hear the whole Earth and everything on it singing. Grass bursts from the ground, buds blossom into flowers, birds chirp from every tree and cactus. All the world comes alive, as if it had been sitting dormant under the desert’s dust, waiting for the opportune moment to wake, to celebrate.

For me, a rainy day means a cozy drink, a sweater and a book. Winter, summer, whatever the season, I always make myself some hot chocolate and curl up on the couch to read. But this particular monsoon ushered in another rainy day pass-time: Mystery at Hogwarts, aka Harry Potter Clue. I didn’t make it to Fluffy’s lair in time. My mom beat me to it, but I definitely solved the mystery before she did.

By the time our game was over, the electricity had come back, the rain had subsided and the clouds were parting. When I went outside, the air felt cool and clean, and the trees looked a little greener. Arizona may tout its towering saguaros and desert vistas, but it never fails to smile at the rain.

 What does a rainy day mean to you?

Smiles and all the best,




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