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Introducing the 40 Day Savannah Smiles Challenge (!!!)

Salut tout le monde! A couple of days ago, I told you in my most recent letter from Paris that these past five-ish months have eroded my optimism. I said my smile had faded, and with it my once ever-positive spirit. Well, after reading lots of motivating articles and blogs (which just sort of found their way onto my screen, really. Ask and you shall receive!) and getting lots of much appreciated encouragement from you wonderful folks, I’ve found the inspiration to take my happiness into my own hands and get my smile back. As a dear friend told me after reading my letter, “Much like good food, happiness is something we have to make for ourselves, not seek in the ready-made aisle.”

This brings me to the….



(^^^that means I’m excited)

I am ready to see Paris in a new way and make this a positive experience, one I will look back on with joy.

As another darling friend of mine told me, sometimes we create a pattern of negativity. Gloominess creeps into our lives like bad habits, and we learn to expect it, just as I expect the sky to be grey when I wake each morning.

To reverse this pattern of negativity, I’m going to create a routine that invites beauty, creativity and optimism into my life by engaging in activities that make me happy. For 40 days, I am going follow this plan, and hopefully, by February 19th, I will have a consistent routine to follow, one that will make me smile and light up my life (queue Debby Boone).

Here’s the plan:

I will start each day with: Three sun salutations and a poem.

I will end each day with: Three moon salutations and a journal entry.

To close my entry, I will write: 

  • one thing I found beautiful that day,
  • one thing I am grateful for and
  • one thing I am looking forward to.

And that’s it! Start simple. Start small. And big things will follow.

I will be sure to blog more regularly to give you updates on the beautiful things I’m finding in this Paris life, what I’m reading and how this is improving my optimism. If you want to follow along on a more day to day basis, join Untethered as a Cloud on Facebook!

Want to bring more positivity into your life?

Join me! 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Take a few minutes to think about the positive things you enjoy that you want to incorporate into your daily life. For me this is yoga, poetry and journaling. 
  2. Once you’ve identified a few of these activities, think of one simple way to integrate each one into your everyday routine. Do you like reading? Try reading a chapter a day. Want to get better at photography? Try taking one photo each day. It’s the little things!
  3. Make a plan and write it down. Leave a comment below and tell me what you’re going to do each day to bring a little more positivity to your life. Making a declaration is the first step to realizing your goal, and I would be honored if you joined me. Can’t wait to see your own challenges!

Keep the smiles coming,





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