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Photos of the Week: Hasta Luego, Tucson

I spent this weekend in Tucson, Ariz., where I’ve lived and studied for the past two years. I couldn’t leave the States without visiting this city, this place I now call my second home. Though my stay was short, it gave me everything I needed– one last reminder of who I am, what I hold dear and where my heart beats true.

I’m going to miss Tucson while I’m in Paris. The city’s character, captured by its history, its food, its culture and its people, can be found nowhere else. Luckily, the same is true of Paris. By the time these 11 months are up, I’m sure I will have left a piece of my heart there, too. Even so, leaving Tucson isn’t easy, and I anticipate serious withdrawals (mostly from Mexican food).

Thank you to everyone who made my last weekend in Tucson special! I hope y’all have an epic year without me!

This week, spend some time in a place you love with people you love even more.

Smiles and all the best, y adiós, Tucson,



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