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12 Months Untethered: A Year in Review

Bonne année, everybody! It’s amazing to think that I started blogging here at Untethered as a Cloud just over a year ago. This little blog has been a wonderful way to document all of the adventures 2012 brought, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following along. Here is a review of the past 12 months, your favorite posts and a few of mine. Click on the photos to read the posts you missed! Enjoy!


1. January:  The first ever “Photo of the Week.”

Arizona Sunset 2

2. February: Loving Tucson, Ariz. more and more.

Abby crossing

3. March: Abby and I roadtrip it to San Fran! 

4. April: I publish “So what I didn’t wear a bra today,” Untethered’s most popular poem, and post.

with the tractor 2

4. May: I make my second trip to Eureka, Calif., to see the bestie.

Under the Gardland

5. June: Untethered gets crafty with the DIY photo garland.

Hair Main

6. July: Mid-hair woes bring out some creativity.


8. August: I move to France!


9. September: Settle into the new place in Paris.

My Dress

10. October: Slut Walk Paris.

sceaux far 2

11. November: Good times and good friends in Sceaux, France.


12. December: La Manif pour Égalité

It’s been a great year, my friends. Full of transformation, learning and living life to the fullest.

What was your favorite part of 2012? 

May your New Year’s dreams come true…

Smiles and all the best,



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Mon Corps, Mon Choix: Slut Walk Paris 2012

Paris was dreary and grey yesterday, and pedestrians walked the streets with their heads hung low beneath umbrellas and hoodies, hurrying to escape the rain. But unlike the rest of the city, Paris’s sixth arrondissement was alive. Here, feminists gathered to protest sexism, rape and victim-blaming as part of the international movement, Slut Walk. Slut Walk started in Toronto in 2011 after a police officer claimed, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” His statement caused thousands to take to the streets, and Slut Walk quickly spread to cities across North America and Europe.

I joined the marchers of Slut Walk Paris 2012 on their trek across the city, which ended at Place du Panthéon. The men and women brandished signs painted with anti-rape-culture slogans like, “mon corps, mon choix,” my body, my choice, and “le viol est un programme politique,” rape is a political program. At the front of the march, a woman with a megaphone led the protesters in their chants. “Le sexisme est une maladie sociale,” they yelled in unison. Sexism is a social disease.

The march concluded at Place du Panthéon, where France’s national moto, liberté, égalité, fraterité, loomed overhead. In the background, the Eiffel Tower stood like a sentinel guarding this historic, traditional city, where classic gender roles maintain a significant, yet waning, presence.

Attending Slut Walk in Paris was an opportunity I could not miss, although I’m still not sure how I feel about the movement as a whole. I invite you to read critiques of Slut Walk here and here. I support the movement’s message– there is never a justification for rape and sexual violence– but I’m still not sure I support the means as the most powerful, effective way to combat rape-culture and victim-blaming. Even so, the energy and determination of these protesters was contagious, and I found myself breaking my journalist’s rules and chanting and marching along, side by side in solidarity with fellow feminists.

Le sexisme est une maladie sociale. 



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4 Ways to Style Medium-Short Hair

Learning how to style my new hair has required a lot of creativity. I used to be a “brush, blow-dry and go” kind of girl, counting on my wavy blond locks to make up for my simple make-up and bushy eyebrows. But now, I put a little more effort into my daily look. I add a head band, I wear earrings, I make an effort to make an effort with my eyebrows. In the words of Joan Juliet Buck, “You can’t hide behind short hair…your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions.”

Here are four looks I’ve fallen in love with:

This style is pretty straightforward: Leaving some hair to frame your face, place or tie a thin, colorful head band onto the crown of your head. Either let your hair fall forward, or tease it back to reveal more of the band. Tip! Accent the head band with earrings or other jewelry to give your look a subtle splash of color.

There are so many cute ways to wear this style! Check out this video to see all of the different options and learn how to do them yourself.

Tip! Styling a turband with medium-short hair can be tricky because your hair tends to fall out in the back. To prevent that from happening, pin your top layers back and tie the remainder of your hair into a pony tail.

Wrap a head scarf around the back of your head (hiding the pony tail) and cross the two ends at your part. Reverse the ends, wrap them around to the back of your head, and tie. Tuck the loose ends into the turband.

 This look is really fun to wear– I felt like a forest nymph all day!

Start by separating your hair into two sections. The first section is the hair that will make up your braid. Pull this section forward. The second section is all of the hair you want to be loose behind your braid. Pin or clip this section back so it doesn’t get in the way.

Start french braiding from the point where your hair meets you ear, tilting your head to the opposite side as you braid. Braid all the way to the other ear, creating a braided head band along your crown. Finish the braid, then pin it behind your ear. Either let the rest of your hair fall forward, or tease it back to get more volume.

Tip! Hide the beginning and/or end of your braid with flowers, bows or other accessories.

While a part of me longs to look like a character from “Hairspray” everyday, my more logical self knows hair that big can be a safety hazard. So I opted for a more relaxed version of the 1960s look.

Start by blow-drying your hair straight. Once it’s dry, use a large curling iron to curl your bottom layers under, and curl your top layers over. Tease the top layer to add volume, and add some hairspray at the roots to keep it big all day long.

Tip! Blow-dry your hair upside down to add volume so you can skimp on the hairspray.

I hope you have fun in your new look! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and feel free to share your favorite styles, too! How do you wear your short hair?

Smiles and all the best,


Photos by my little sister! Thanks, love! 


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Filling the Void: DIY Chandelier

When my roommate and I moved into our apartment nearly nine months ago, we couldn’t wait to start decorating. We scoured stores of all kinds in search of the perfect decor like two chipmunks gathering nuts for winter. Slowly but surely, we acquired many of the necessary trimmings: color-coordinated pillows, pig-shaped salt and pepper shakers, refrigerator magnets. But several months into our home-making, we found ourselves saddled with one last decorating challenge: the nook. Carved out of our white plaster wall, inconveniently placed just to the right of the couch, is a three-by-four sort of cubby. We weren’t quite sure what to do with it. Perhaps we could get a bird cage and adopt a monkey? Or turn the nook into a theatre and host a flea circus? A shrine?

While these ideas were appealing, none were quite what we wanted. We abandoned the nook until Christmas, when we stuffed it with a miniature tree.

However, Christmas brought inspiration, and thanks to one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, I was able to fill the three-by-four void.

Using this DIY design, I crafted a fabric chandelier out of Christmas lights, old scarves and a wire cooling rack. Now, the nook houses some of our favorite books, cute photos and a one-of-a-kind chandelier.

Thank you so much to Rachel, who designed this project! If you’re going to try it for yourself, here are some adaptations I made to her design that you might want to try:

  • Rachel uses texture, like lace, in her design to make the chandelier more exciting. I decided to use color instead. I varied between two shades of blue and white, and both of my blue scarves were patterned.
  • If you have limited fabric, craft your chandelier into an inverted pyramid shape. Just lay the scarves out like diamonds and cut from the outside in. This way, you’ll have an even assortment of short-to-long strands of fabric.
  •  If your fabric is thin, or your chandelier is smaller, use some of the fabric to sew a cylinder for your lights to fit into. Sew or tie it to the wire rack just like the other garlands, and slip the lights inside. This will keep your lights from peeking out from between the strips of fabric.

Thanks again to the ladies at A Beautiful Mess for helping me add a special touch to our home!

I hope you enjoy the soft glow of your new chandelier!

Smiles and all the best,


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I never imagined the words

I love you

could turn to daggers

pierce the flesh

wound the diaphragm,

force tears to pool in the corners of your black eyes…

I never imagined the words

I love you

could turn to anger

sting the ego

poison the present,

divide two lives like “God” divides “His children”…

I never imagined the words

I love you

could turn to ice

freeze the summer

paralyze the heart,

bite like frost and make the space between us frigid…

No, I never imagined the word


to bleed to ache to crumble,

to flee…

Mon ami,

I never imagined the words

I love you–

I felt them,

and then I prayed for them

to die.


This post is only a draft. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below! Your input is appreciated!

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