Samedi Sommaire 1.6

Saturday is an ambitious day. I don’t know about you, but I always reserve Saturday for doing all of the things I meant to do during the five days before. Going for a morning swim. Putting away all of my laundry. Reading Gender Trouble by Judith Butler. Writing a cover letter. Painting my nails—all the things.

However, I have a cold. So the swim, and checking out all the cute French guys at the pool, are out. But this does not mean the day is lost! The sun is shining. The sky is blue. Saturday is full of possibilities.

Listening to: 

These groovy chicks, HAIM. I love their edgy, quasi-eighties sound. And look at that mermaid hair? If that doesn’t make them cool enough, their albums are available on vinyl.

Rooting for: 

This creative Bolivian woman, Ingrid Vaca Diez, and her mission to provide homes for impoverished Bolivian families. But these homes aren’t built out of bricks. They are constructed from old plastic bottles filled with dirt! Talk about resourceful, eco-friendly and innovative.

Thinking about: 

This interesting article over at Queer Libido on “The Queer Politics of Singlehood.” A dear friend of mine posted this on my FB wall on Valentine’s day, and it really got me thinking about the way we define relationships, how we define ourselves via relationships, and the way Valentine’s Day, Facebook and even our friends judge our interpersonal value by whether or not we’ve got a date. Food for thought.

Dreaming of: 

FrancescaEternal SunshineNafNaf

SPRING! I am so ready to put away the sweaters and get out the skirts and sandals!

1. Francesca’s Collections 2. Eternal Sunshine Creations 3. Naf Naf Paris

And I think spring really is on its way. Look at all the sun I found this week!

FNAC St. Sulpice Fontaine St. Sulpice

Happy Saturday, y’all.


PS— If you haven’t checked out my guest post on the death of my pet cactus over at Travelling Caits, I urge you to do so….now. Go! 



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  1. Pamela Martin

    Nice post, honey! I liked the Queer Libido article a lot. :).

    Pamela Martin The Bergamini Group Realty Executives Northern Arizona 928-899-2472 928-237-4400


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