Samedi Sommaire 1.5

Good day to you, untethered friends! This has been a long. week. (extend the “o” for approximately five seconds to experience the full effect). As such, I’m going to take this Samedi Sommaire to share all of the things I came across this week and last that made me laugh, smile or simply forget how looooong the week was turning out to be.

Listened to: 

The lovely Solange. I love how quirky this girl is. And this song, Losing You, is so catchy. It makes me want to bounce around and grab a hair brush  microphone and sing to myself in the mirror.

Laughed at: 

Maybe I was just really exhausted when I stumbled across these paintings of Cats in Clothes by artist Heather Mattoon, but I LOL’d. Literally. Look how each outfit matches the cat’s personality. Look at those facial expressions. Doesn’t the feline in the yellow scarf look exactly like that hipster boy in your French literature class?

Drooled over: 

This mouth watering artwork by Tjalf Sparnaay, who painted a series of better-than-life gastronomic wonders not to make people salivate, but to help his audience “take awesome pleasure in ordinary things,” according to NPR’s food blog, The Salt. Sparnaay says painting food allows him to paint texture, light, and most importantly, temptation. Temptation, indeed.

Marveled at: 

Nu Project

The unrivaled beauty and unpredictable diversity of the female figure. Since 2005, photographer Matt and Katy at Matt Blum Photography have been capturing “honest nudes of normal women” from the Americas as part of the Nu Project. Flip through the galleries— you’ll be inspired.

Et la phrase du jour….

plonger dans le bainLiterally, “to plunge into the bath.” I would translate this as “to dive right in”— to a task, a challenge, or just life. Sometimes all you can do is dive in to the experience at hand and make the most of it. Even when you’re tired. Even if it’s overwhelming. Even when the week is l-o-o-o-o-o-ng. Plongez-vous.

Bon weekend!

Smiles and all the best,




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