Samedi Sommaire 1.4: Snow day!

Am I too old to jump up and down and squeal, “It’s snowing! It’s SNOWING! IT’S TOTALLY SNOWING!!!!” No. Never. But I’m definitely too cozy and warm underneath my covers to get out of bed and risk being cold. Just pretend I did it.

snow 2 snow 1

It snowed in Paris last night, about two inches judging by the stack of snow sitting atop the chair on my balcony, and it is still coming down in little flakes, as if the clouds were sprinkling sugar over the city. I’m tempted to go out and scoop some into a cup so that I can mix it with sugar and milk and vanilla and eat it like ice cream (yes, this really is delicious), but I don’t expect the polluted Parisian skies to have given me edible snow. I suppose I should’ve grown out of my snow-eating habit by now anyway…

Cold weather is perfect for reading, writing, eating, music-ing and daydreaming. (Also known as prepping for Samedi Sommaire.) If you find yourself bundled up on a chilly Saturday, here are some things to incorporate into your winter day routine:

Listen to: 

The whimsical music of Caravan PalaceCaravan Palace is one of the most well-known groups in the “electro swing” or “nü swing” (umlaut optional) genre. Nü swing combines the sounds of the jazz age with those of today’s electronic music— read: my dream genre.

Drool over: 

The most wonderful liqueur in the world: Homemade Irish CreamJessica over at How Sweet It Is shared this recipe right before the New Year, and I’ve been craving it ever since. My two favorite things to mix with irish cream are coffee and hot chocolate. A cup of this (I mean coffee or coco with irish cream! Not JUST irish cream…though I am totally may be guilty of that, too), is sure to warm you up.

Check out: 

This sure to be fascinating adventure, Out of Eden, which is a storytelling project by journalist Paul Salopek. Salopek has decided to embark upon a seven-year journey tracing the footsteps of the first humans and their migration across the planet. Throughout his adventure, Salopek will tell the stories of the people he meets and share them using a new “journalism laboratory” that has been created to document his journey.

Read this: 

A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway. My momma gave this book to me for Christmas and I devoured it within days. The book is Hemingway’s memoir about his years in Paris as a young man and rising author. If you want an honest, compelling picture of Paris in the 20’s/30’s, read this book. Ernest is a wonderful winter day companion.

Français favori: 

And while you’re tucked away in your bed, dream of a warm summer day, un jour ensoleillé. Ensoleillé(e) means “sun-drenched” or “sunny.” I learned this word while reading Le Petit Princea lovely little French book about a young prince from another planet and his journey through the universe and his encounters with les grandes personnes (adults). This is another book that makes a great winter read. The little prince’s youth, spirit and wisdom will render your heart ensoleillé, even if it looks like this outside your window: 

snow 3

What do you do on snow days? 

Smiles and all the best,




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