A holiday gram from me to you!


Just a little more than a year ago, my old roommate, Abby the incredible, and I shared our rendition of “Baby it’s Cold Outside” with you and the interwebs. Well, this year Abby is off galavanting through the Southern Hemisphere in a bikini while I am freezing my butt off in Paris. Typical. Still, even though I’m only one half of our dynamic duo, I decided to record a song for you all anyway! Voilà, my favorite song of the season, “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin:

Like it? You can listen to it on Soundcloud, too:

What’s your favorite song of the holiday season? Leave a comment a let me know—I need new ideas for next year! 

Enjoy the music, and may the holidays bring you warmth, love and happiness!

Smiles and all the best,





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3 responses to “A holiday gram from me to you!

  1. marjorie

    Bonjour! Love the song. Don’t understand how you did all the parts and it must have taken lots of time. Just goes to show you how talented my grand daughter is. Love ya, Gma

  2. So I decided to put here one classical piece. Even though Czech in general hate American Christmas I always loved this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN7LW0Y00kE

    Looking forward to meet ya again :-)


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