Samedi Sommaire 1.2: Bienvenu Décembre

In case you didn’t realize, this is no typical Saturday. No, no. This Saturday is exceptional. This Saturday is stupefying. This Saturday, my friends, is December 1st. Now what’s so extraordinary about the first day of December, you ask? I’m astonished that you would even ask such a question. Incredulous, really.

For all of you who didn’t get the memo, December 1st means there are…

  1. 31 days until we can all wake up, hung over, and make a resolution to drink at little less
  2. 30 days until we can all get smashed to welcome in the New Year
  3. 24 days until Christmas
  4. 23 days until my best friend arrives in Paris
  5. 21 days until we can all say we survived the End of the World
  6. 20 days until the End of the World
  7. 12 days until I celebrate the end of my first semester in Paris by going to this sweet Efterklang concert

As you can see, today is no ordinary day, and December is no ordinary month. So here’s some stuff to get you feeling just as jazzed as I am:

Listen to: 

A very She & Him  Christmas. Probably my favorite Christmas album of all time. Perfect for getting into the holiday hullabaloo.

Drool over: 

Red Velvet Brownies

These super cute Red Velvet Santa Hat Brownies from Shelly over at Cookies and CupsBake some and send me a few! I’m itching to bake, but I’m sans oven! C’est trop dommage! 

Think about:

Using recycled paper to wrap your gifts in this Christmas! Each holiday season in the United States results in five million tons of extra garbage. If each family wrapped only three presents in recycled materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields! So make your own wrapping paper from old newspapers, magazines, essays you were planning on burning, grocery bags, etc. This season is supposed to be about giving, so let’s give our Earth a gift, too.

Wear this:

Put one of these Pashminas on your wish list this year. They are made by the women at the Nepalese Women Skill Development Projectwhich was established in 2010 to help Nepalese women develop skills to help them gain independence and become more self-empowered.


Oh, and here’s number 8: December first means homework. Happy Saturday?

Leave a comment and share your own list! What are you counting down to?

Smiles and all the best,



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