Marais Sunday

It’s getting chilly in Paris and this Arizona girl doesn’t have enough sweaters and coats to handle it! However, I did manage to build up my autumn wardrobe a little bit on Sunday, when I went thrifting in Le Marais, the Jewish/gay district of Paris. If you’re looking for cheap vintage and quality hand-me-downs, le Marais is the place to go! Because of its Jewish heritage, this neighborhood is the only lively quarter on Sundays. The rest of Paris shuts down to rest. Yes, this does mean le Marais is packed with tourists, but it also guarantees a vivacious Sunday!

My thrifting adventure took place on Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, just off of Rue Vieille du Temple. Here, I found the eccentric vintage boutique “Free ‘P’ Star.” This shop has an excellent selection of leather jackets and boots, and the 5 Euro bins don’t disappoint.

From here I headed to “Vintage by Ramin.” This shop is a little more organized than Free ‘P’,and its 3 Euro rooms downstairs are a thrifter’s dream. Vintage by Ramin is full of quality winter coats, blazers and sweaters by some of the best brands. I think I spent close to two hours here!

I will admit that my ulterior motive behind my visit to le Marais was the prospect of indulging in some frozen yogurt. I could eat frozen yogurt for every meal, really. But alas, it is impossible to find here in Paris! The only place I’ve discovered is Myberry on Rue Vielle du Temple. Though my frozen treat (complete with blueberries and speculous!) was scrumdidiliumptious, it was a little expensive. Trips to Myberry will have to be a luxury!

One of my favorite aspects of my trip to le Marais was wandering through the streets, stumbling upon artwork, music and capoeira. It’s a quirky neighborhood, a nice change to this city’s chic, sophisticated atmosphere.

If you’re planning to visit Paris, you must make time for an adventure in le Marais. In just a few short hours, this arrondissement became one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to go back (wearing one of my new sweaters, of course!).

If you’d like to visit le Marais

Metro: Hôtel de Ville, Pont-Marie

When to visit: Sunday, and definitely NOT Saturday (most businesses are closed)

What to do: THRIFT! Visit Hôtel de Ville, la Bastille and Centre G. Pompidou, and eat the best falafel in Paris

Bon voyage!

Smiles and all the best,




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