Chez Soi: Exploring My Neighborhood

My apartment in Paris is in the 6th arrondissement, which is a lovely neighborhood, as it turns out! Here’s a few of the places I’ve had the pleasure to discover during the past couple of days:

Les Jardins du Luxembourg! These beautiful, historic gardens are so close, I know I’ll be spending a lot of my free time here. It’s a very peaceful place to read, study, picnic and people watch.

 Thevenin. This little bakery is practically right outside my door. Everything sold here is a work of art and I can’t wait to try it all!

And last but certainly not least, my university! Sciences Po! The graffiti is a nice touch, right?

I really love it here and I can’t wait to explore my neighborhood further! Soon enough, it’ll be home sweet home.

Smiles and all the best,




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5 responses to “Chez Soi: Exploring My Neighborhood

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  2. Nesima

    Looks amazing! I have another friend who’s going to SciencesPo for grad school now:)

  3. Liv

    Gorgeous pictures, wonderful city – I miss Paris! I am super envious of you ;-)


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