9 Things I’m Going to Miss about Home (other than home itself)

As my departure for Paris approaches (three days!), I’ve found the most common question my friends and family are asking me is, “Are you excited?!” This is, of course, the most logical question to ask a girl who is moving to Paris, France. It is not, however, what I find myself thinking about as I’m throwing my life into one of two jumbo suitcases or embracing one of my best friends during our final goodbye. In fact, as my count down to take off dwindles, I’m making mental notes of everything I’m going miss about my home and my life here. This doesn’t mean I’m not excited. My excitement just isn’t my top priority right now.

So here’s my list.

 9 Things I’m Going to Miss about Home (other than home itself):

  1. My sister: This little lady and I have become super close this summer! Living without her will not be easy, but I know we’ll make it.
  2. My best friends (particularly this guy, my BFF): I’ve been spending a lot of time with my closest friends during my last few days here. I am so grateful for everything we’ve given each other, and I can’t wait to continue these relationships, regardless of the distance and time that will separate us.
  3. My books: Some of the most difficult moments in packing have come when I’m sitting in front of my bookshelf, looking up at all of my invaluable literature and realizing that I can’t take it all with me. I know, I know, they’re just books. But…but…they’re my books!
  4. The starry night sky: My hometown is breathtaking at night. In the woods, the sky is clear and kazillions of stars sparkle against the ink-like sky. Every time I leave Prescott for a larger city this is what I miss most– looking to the heavens late at night and seeing the entire universe laid out before my eyes.
  5. Cicadas: I know this is weird, but at the end of the summer the cicadas start to come out, humming like engines from tree to tree. I associate this sound with my childhood, the coming of fall and the familiarity of home. I know I will find them in Europe, but there is something about this sound, this time and this place that can’t be replicated.
  6. MEXICAN FOOD: True Mexican food can only be found in the Borderlands. I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure I eat as much of it as possible before I leave.
  7. Driving through the mountains, windows down, music up, day or night: Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
  8. A full sized kitchen: My kitchen in my new apartment is going to be minuscule. I don’t even have an oven. This makes me sad because I love to cook and prepare my food. But of all the cities in the world to be without a legitimate kitchen, Paris might be the best.
  9. The desert: This landscape is another aspect of the Southwest that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else. I will miss its towering cacti and watercolor sunsets dearly, but I know it will be here when I return.

The un-pictured # 10 here is obviously my family, particularly my parents. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better mother and father, and I have them to thank for giving me the love I needed to bring me to this next chapter in my life. It isn’t enough to say that I’ll miss them. Those words don’t even come close.

What do you miss most when you leave home?

A bientôt,



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