Along the Joe

Hello hello! I’ve returned from the Potato State and I’m ready to get back  into the swing of things! My 10-day hiatus turned out to be the most relaxing time of my entire summer, and I’m feeling grateful for the rest because in just 20 days (!!!) I’ll be on my way to Paris.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots from my adventure in Idaho. My family lives in St. Maries, a backwoods town along the St. Joe river. The trees are so green here that they seem blue, and the fields shimmer like gold in the sunlight. During the summer, children splash in the river and boats speed across the lake. In the valleys, the grass moves through the wind like scales on a snake. Only minutes away, the forest stands like a thick, tattered canopy over the moist, sun-speckled earth. It’s a place of contrast. A place of beauty. A place of freedom. The perfect escape.

My trip to Idaho gave me just what I’d hoped for: rest and rejuvenation, room to think and, even better, room to not think at all. Now, it’s upward and onward (literally) to the next journey– 11 months in Paris. Expect some changes here at Untethered as a Cloud. I’ll be donning my beret and writing with a French accent.

A bientôt!




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2 responses to “Along the Joe

  1. Kathryn Van Demark

    As much as I enjoy your writing I think you may have a future in photography too! These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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