Photo of the Week: There’s always something to be uncovered

A telephone poll sits on a back drop of blue sky, red ridges and an old factory.

The view from Jerome, Ariz. 

Jerome, Arizona doesn’t change much. In fact, in all the years I’ve been visiting this little town, it’s remained almost exactly the same. It’s me who’s changed: The park I used to play at seems much smaller than I remember it. The ice cream cones are not nearly as mouthwatering. The people I meet don’t seem quite as eccentric. I’ve grown up, and I’ve grown used to Arizona’s ghost town.

Yet, despite how ordinary this little place has become over the years, I still manage to find new treasures and new horizons. Even in a town as small as Jerome, hidden coves remain to be discovered. It’s like a good book– no matter how many times you read and reread it, it always manages to show you something you didn’t notice before.

Look at something a little differently this week. Who knows what you’ll find.

Smiles and all the best,



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