Photo of the Week: Sunny Sunday

When I walked into my grandmother’s kitchen on Easter Sunday, I discovered this on the counter.

It’s a sunflower. It’s a cake. It’s a sunflower cake! And it is almost too cute to be eaten… emphasis on “almost.”

Here’s how Gramma did it:

You will need any cake mix of your choice (my grandma used yellow mix), chocolate frosting, chocolate chips and about 15 yellow peeps.

Step 1: Make cake batter according to the directions. Evenly distribute it into two circular cake pans, then bake.

Step 2: Once your cakes are done, let them cool, and remove them from the pans. Spread your chocolate frosting over the top of one cake then place the other cake on top, creating two layers.

Step 3: Cover the entire cake in chocolate frosting.

Step 4: Arrange the peeps in a circle around the edge of the cake like flower petals, leaving a circle of frosting in the middle. Place the chocolate chips in the center.

Step 5: Snap adorable photo, then devour.

Thanks Gramma for the creative design! The cake was adorably delicious!

Smiles and all the best,



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One response to “Photo of the Week: Sunny Sunday

  1. ozge

    sounds delicious:)


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