So what I didn’t wear a bra today

Oh I’m sorry

do I make you uncomfortable?

Do my breasts

hanging swaying in my shirt

offend (intrigue) your eyes?

Hate to break it to you but–

my tits are not

plump pink grapefruits

fleshy balls to juggle

between your hands

they are

fat skin muscle

body, my


What’s that?

I didn’t shave today?

You don’t like my

prickly pear pits

my caterpillar calves and thighs?

Well they aren’t perfect either.

My skin is not

leather velvet silk cotton

it is skin


it grows hair

it has pores

filled with sweat

oil dirt blood pus



So don’t bother

selling me your airbrushed facades

I know they are



and your powders treatments liquid lies

only serve to suffocate

cover me up

mask my frigid pointed nipples

shape them into spheres.

I want to

move slip slide through my clothes

and into my body


your idea of my body–


not yours to mold

like a blown-glass chalice

for you to pour your piss into.


Stop measuring my dimensions

forcing me onto a scale

squeezing me into shapes

prescribing me a pear apple hourglass

I am not a fucking fruit.

I am not an object.

I am a human


and I will



your dick money hate

telling me how to be–

I won’t.


This post is only a draft. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions below! Your input is appreciated!



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2 responses to “So what I didn’t wear a bra today

  1. Pamela

    Let it all hang out, sistah!!!

  2. awesome, enjoyable read.


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