Kenya Dig It?

I left the golden grasslands of Kenya to find myself back in Arizona, packing my bags yet again to embark upon another journey: my second year in college, my foray into journalism, my ceaseless internal tempest pulling me in and pushing me out, out, out into unknown waters. All the while, my heart longed for Kenya, the Maasai Mara,  the warm, loving faces of the young women and men I befriended there.

Luckily, my work in Kenya followed me to Tucson. For the past seven months I have been producing, slowly but surely, a video about the Nabolu Girls’ Centre, Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough and the Kenya Dig It? project. The energetic, exalting voices of my Maasai sisters have been tickling my ears and the smiling faces that go with them have been beaming up at me from a computer screen the entire time. Because of this video, the love and friendship I found in Kenya has never left me, and it never will.

Share this video, spread the word. Check out the Nabolu Facebook page, go to our website. If you feel the desire to help, then help, in any way you can.

Most importantly, ask questions. If you want more background on Maasai culture, girls’ education in Kenya, the Nabolu Girls’ Centre, Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough and why you should care about all of this, feel free to get in touch with me. If I don’t have the answers, I will point you to someone who does.

And remember, this cause is both local and global. Supporting this project helps girls in Narok as well as girls in Arizona pursue their dreams.

Kenya dig it?

Smiles and all the best,



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