Sights and Sounds: Seattle

I visited Seattle for the first time last weekend as a Daily Wildcat delegate for the Associated Collegiate Press conference.  Unfortunately, some technical difficulties caused me to lose some of my photos, but I managed to save about half of them:

On our second day we got a special surprise! Sunlight and blue skies!

Pike Place Market, a classic Seattle experience, bombards you with smells– fish, flowers, fresh fruit– sounds– yelling vendors, busking musicians, squealing kids– and sights– crafts, commotion, cultures of all kinds.

The gum wall, another unique facet of this city, has so far consumed one side of the alley and is inching its way to the other. This facade is covered in bright, colorful graffiti that pops out from the bricks and mortar like a three dimensional collage.

Friday and Saturday night seemed pretty sleepy for such a big city. I was thrilled to discover this pink gorilla, who was drumming loudly on yellow buckets.

Of course, no trip to Seattle would be complete without a ride to the top of the Space Needle. The air felt like ice on my skin and the wind blew through my coat and hat. But seeing the endless lights bleeding into a sepia night sky was worth the chill.

This is a photo of Kyle, one of my fellow reporters, shooting pictures of the harbor. I took this photo on our first day in Seattle, after we grabbed lunch at Ivan’s. I ate a red clam chowder bread bowl, and the others got some assortment of fish and chips. When we sat down to eat, we noticed a group of college-age guys throwing chunks of bread to the seagulls. One of them got down on his hands and flipped his legs up into a hand-stand. Then, another guy placed a large piece of bread on top of his shoes, waiting for the seagulls to land and feast, perched on his feet. The seagulls never took the bait, and when the hand-stander landed his feet on the ground and stood up straight his face was pink like lox. The boys turned out to be the Arizona State University gymnastics team.

Visiting Seattle was exciting, but I’m even more excited for my next journey: a California road trip with my roommate! We’re driving from San Francisco to San Diego along the Route 1, and I know it’s going to be quite the adventure. There will be photos and lots of stories– so don’t go too far!

And in the mean time, go out and experience something new this week.

Smiles and all the best,




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2 responses to “Sights and Sounds: Seattle

  1. Savannah: Excellent night shots (trickier than most think), street corner drummer is provocative and begs for dominant foreground-contributing background with wide angle. Hope you enjoyed Kobre session; he’s excellent. Any images of ACP-Seattle presentations will be appreciated online.
    Good night & good luck! ;-)
    Fair winds & safe travels,


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