Button-up Infinity Scarf DIY

When I got gunk all over the back of my favorite PJ pants I was distraught. I loved those pants, and now, I could never wear them again. I threw them into my craft box to wait alongside the pipe cleaners, buttons, lace and sewing supplies with little hope of salvaging them. Luckily, a creative idea came to me just in time and I managed to turn my ruined lounge-wear into a cute, quirky scarf! And you can do it too! So grab those too small, too big, too whatever PJ’s and get ready to transform them into something functional!

What you need:

  • pajama pants, preferably ones you can no longer wear
  • buttons (you could use beads, lace or any other kind of embellishment that suits your style, too)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread

Step One: Cut your pants off at the legs so that you have two separate strips. Then, sew them together with a sewing machine, stitching along what used to be the top-most part of the pants. You want to save the hemmed ends for the buttoned part of the scarf. Now you should have one long strip.

Step two: Select your buttons or other embellishments and arrange them on one end of the scarf as you want them to appear when you’re wearing it. In the next step you’re going to sew them onto the scarf and button the whole thing up, creating a sort of tube.

Step three: Use a pencil to mark where you want to sew each button. Then, sew each button onto the edge of one end of the scarf. Tuck your buttoned end into the other side, creating a circular infinity scarf. Mark where the buttons line up and cut small button holes along the seam of the hemmed end.

Step four: Button it up! You can sew buttons all the way around or just on one side. I chose to put buttons on a single side and attach the rest with needle and thread.

Step five: Wear it! Love it!

My finished scarf hanging on my wall with, eh hem, all of my other scarves. I may or may not be obsessed…


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