Craft Box DIY

I am one of six grandchildren on my mom’s side. We cover the age spectrum, with my oldest cousin having just turned 22 and the youngest, his little sister, going on 8. On Christmas Eve each year, we all gather at my grandparents’ house for dinner, eggnog, pies, cookies, and, of course, presents! To keep the gift giving manageable, we do a sort of Secret Santa among the grand kids. Our parents and grandparents always make a big deal out of keeping the secret, but, inevitably, we end up spilling the jelly beans and figuring out who everybody chose. What else would you expect from a group of kids? By Christmas Eve, we’re all putting on a show, pretending to be surprised when we get our present from, Gasp! Who could it be??? Saaavannuuuuh!!!!

This year, I drew the name of my 10-year-old cousin. I wasn’t quite sure what to get her; ten is an interesting age. It’s an age of transition, and unfortunately for all of the buck-toothed, greasy-haired, acne-infested pre-teens, it’s a transition that takes far too long to complete. But I had a few things to go on. After probing my own 11-year-old little sister, I found out that my cousin and I have a lot in common. Turns out she loves to bake, cook, and do arts and crafts! Once I found that out, all I had to ask myself was “What would I have wanted when I was 10?” Easy– a box filled with all sorts of things to glue, sew, cut, and craft. So, I decided to go to the craft store and buy her a bunch of crafty things like popsicle sticks, felt, feathers, pompoms, buttons, construction paper, the works. But where to put it all?

DIY Craft Box anybody?

This is a great gift for all of the crafty guys and gals in your life! And it doesn’t matter what the occasion is! Why not make one for yourself and personalize it a little more? The possibilities are endless, and that’s exactly what I love about it! And it is super easy!

What you need:

  • A shoe box, preferably one that is a box within a box, creating a sort of drawer.
  • scissors
  • a thimble, needle and thread
  • fabric squares
  • patience, cardboard can be tough to sew on

Step One: Cut pieces of material that are a little bigger than each side of the box. Staple the material onto the box to hold it in place as you sew. Make sure to fold the edges under so that your material isn’t frayed.

Step Two: Sew the pieces of material onto the cardboard. You may want to use a thimble to help you sew through the cardboard.

Step Three: Embellish the box as much or as little as you want. You can add buttons, embroidery, ribbons. I chose to leave my box blank so that my cousin could decorate it according to her fancy.

Step Four: Fill the box with all of the treasures you bought!

Close up the box, wrap it and give it away!

I love giving gifts that are creative, and consequently, encourage more creativity! Happy crafting!


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