11 August 2011


Olesere, goodbye, Kenya.

My departure from Kenya was easy, calm, tearless. But I’m sad. I wasn’t ready to leave, and I have no desire to come home. But I had to leave. I think I feel resigned more than anything else.

I can already tell that these past three weeks have altered my future and set me on a different path. I can’t see where I’m headed; the universe will reveal that to me soon enough.

I am heavy. Heavy with all of the change brewing inside of me. I wish I could’ve stayed in Kenya longer. All of this transformation feels incomplete, as if I’m going to have to do extra work to make it happen. I was in Kenya long enough to gather up the pieces and throw them together, but the final composition is mine to complete. I suppose it’s always that way. Still, three weeks wasn’t long enough. I don’t want to go back– back to my world. Not yet.

With Nick at the airport in Nairobi


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