The Last Day at Nabolu

31 July 2011


Wow. It’s almost August. In 16 days I will be driving back to Tucson and starting a new life. It really does feel that way. I’m not the same person I was a year ago, even a summer ago. Everything has changed– I can feel it. What’s more is everything is still changing. This trip is transforming both me and my world in ways that I could’ve never predicted.

Yesterday we went to Nabolu to visit the girls and get more video footage. While Cathy, Lillian and Courtney interviewed girls individually, I played with the others. We jumped rope, which forced me to be braver than I was in elementary school. I could never run into the rope and start jumping before, but with the help of the girls at Nabolu, I can not only jump, but I can spin in circles too! We played tag and duck duck goose, and then I taught the girls a theatre game called “Zoom Zorch.” Zoom Zorch is a game actors play to energize themselves before a performance. It is loud, fun and ridiculous. It was one of the best games of Zoom Zorch I’ve ever played! The girls learned pretty quickly, and soon we were twirling like ballerinas, jumping around like James Brown and kicking like ninjas. We must have played for an hour, we were having so much fun.

Duck duck goose!

I hadn’t jumped rope since I was in elementary school!

The girls are so youthful. Here we were, young women ages 11 to 18 having a blast, playing games and jumping rope. I quit jumping rope when I started middle school… These young women may be married at age 12, may have a family before they start high school. These young women left home to pursue their education, and yet they can still laugh and play freely. We really do grow up quickly in America. Childhood is cut short without us even knowing it. It takes an experience like this to realize I didn’t ever have to stop playing– I just thought I did.

“Olesere!” Waving goodbye to our last day at the center.


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